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Search engine updates, changes to user behaviour, and new strategies from competitors all change the way people find your store online—or don’t. SEO optimizes every element of your store for maximum visibility and the ideal user experience.

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Target the keywords your audience is searching for and use user-centric UX to create online experiences that hit the mark for search engine users and algorithms.

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Streamline your site’s content, structure, and on-page elements to engage visitors, reduce bounce rates, and move them to your product pages.

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Lower CACs and improve CLV by creating high-value content that solves problems, drives purchases, and inspires brand loyalty.

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The audit was done so well with so much attention to all the details. It was presented very well and was truly a turning point for my business. I loved how the recommendations were all laid out and presented as suggestions in order as to what was mission critical to not so critical. I found that really helped me make my decision to move forward.
Krishna Bishop
Krishna Bishop
Owner, Bloom & Wander Boutique

Improve organic traffic and build your brand.

Expert SEO support is the key to achieving positive unit economics for your store. Access expert support that lets you put more attention on what you love most about being a business owner while we worry about your search engine rankings.

Audit & Strategy

  • An in-depth analysis of your store’s current positioning relative to industry benchmarks and your competitors.
  • Identify the changes that get you maximum bang for buck.

On-Site SEO Enhancements

  • A clean-up of anything and everything on your site that could impact rankings.
  • Special focus on product and collection pages to drive conversions.

Content Creation & Curation

  • Attract organic traffic and grow your audience while moving your store higher up on SERPs.
  • Expert-written articles, product reviews, and FAQ content that deliver value to users and move them into your sales funnel.

Backlinks & Digital PR

  • Build topical authority that inspires trust from potential buyers and improves Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Represent your brand on relevant, high-quality platforms and become an authority in your space.

Growing your brand doesn't have to be intimidating.

Discover the unique opportunities and challenges for your growing business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple™

How does improving my store’s SEO drive conversions?

Search engines increasingly prioritize user experience when determining rankings—so upgrading your SEO also means upgrading the store elements that engage visitors and encourage them to make purchases.

Optimizing your product pages is a critical part of this process, since these pages do more than any other part of your Shopify store to convert visitors. Organically placing relevant keywords in benefit-focused descriptions, social proof sections, FAQs, and CTAs improves the way these pages rank and the way people use them, leading to more visitors and higher sales.

What do SEO audits look like for eCommerce stores?

SEO audits provide clear data about how discoverable your store is on search engines, along with actionable steps you can take to address gap s or errors that are holding it back. You get:
  • A list of technical issues affecting your store’s performance and steps to fix them
  • Key stats on your store’s rankings, traffic, conversions, and other KPIs
  • A full evaluation of your product and collection pages to identify growth opportunities
  • An analysis of your store’s content relative to competitors and industry standards
  • Merchandising
  • Customer experience
  • And more

Why does SEO matter for product pages?

Product pages are where conversions happen—where your visitors decide to become customers. Improving the SEO for these pages means more people find them and land on them, creating greater opportunities for sales.

Are Shopify product tags important for SEO?

Shopify product tags are a useful way to organize your store’s products, which improves UX by making your store more navigable. They can also be used as keywords in your store’s content.

However, search engines can interpret product tags as keyword stuffing if used incorrectly, and using brands or categories as product tags can create duplicate content problems because each tag has its own URL. By integrating relevant keywords into other areas of your product pages, we can help you avoid these issues and keep your product tags efficient.

Can I improve my store’s SEO myself?

SEO has a lot of different aspects—some of them are simple enough to tackle without much experience, but many require in-depth knowledge and expertise.

While you can certainly make a few broad-stroke changes on your own, you’ll probably need professional support to implement and maintain the kinds of improvements that produce meaningful results.

What technical SEO elements are most important for Shopify?

Creating high-value content that solves user pain points is the single best thing you can do for your store’s rankings, but technical SEO still matters. Here are a few of the most important tasks we perform:
  • Crawl your Shopify site to identify and address any potential issues.
  • Verify your robots.txt file and make sure it’s correctly configured.
  • Review your sitemap to ensure it accurately represents your site's current structure.
  • Ensure proper linking between category pages and key products.
  • Audit structured data to make sure it's implemented correctly and effectively.
  • Implement lazy loading to speed up page load times and overall user experience.
  • Address Javascript indexation issues and resolve them.
  • Review your index coverage report in detail to understand how well your content is being indexed by search engines.

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